“ A picture is more than worth a thousand words. Art is a visual language that can be understood by masses without knowing a language; it transcends language and cultural barriers.”

Art is that intangible innate creative expression that evokes emotions; which can make the way you feel, sense or get inspired. Art is a way of life, nature and can unleash the creative animal within you. Fine Arts play a great role in bringing joy and freedom part from being icons to revolutionize the societies, national sovereignty (National Flag). It is inseparable from body and soul and quintessential to continuity of the universe.

-Prof. (Dr.) Parveen Kumar Garg, Fine Arts Coordinator SANJHI


Art is about passion and knows no bounds. It is the expression of bringing the world into a trans of our own imaginations. Although, passion needs no push whatsoever, but here we are – Team Sanjhi, the official Fine Arts Society of DCRUST; because we know that united, the imagination flourishes.

Our aspiration lies in realising our dreams, together. We provide a platform for your artistic side to thrive by engaging you in upcoming inter and intra university competitions, workshops, events, fest and more by partaking in them as well as organising them. As team Sanjhi, we also nurture the beauty of creative artistry through exhibitions displaying the play of colours to the audience.