Dream of Angels (Painting Contest)

Look at you! It’s the person you know best.

Only you know every quality of yours.

Let you brush paint a Coral Castle with the theme!


Peace, Joy, Love, Bliss, Purity, Power and Knowledge

Paint the rainbow of your personality

Express any quality of yours on the paper and experience being the Saint of Paint.

Go surreal, abstract or fantasy.

Be creative, Be original, Be you.


1. Participants can choose any medium for Painting.

2. Canvas/ Cartridge and A4/A3 sized sheets can be used as a surface for painting.

3. Experimental and Mixed techniques are welcomed.

 Beginning of submission:  27th April 2020

Last date to submit your artwork: 30th April 2020

Declaration of Result: 6th May 2020


  1. Photography and Digital Art submission is not allowed.
  2. Images may only be entered in JPG/JPEG format.
  3. Colour papers should not be pasted or used in artwork.
  4. Anything goes as long as it is original.


Creativity, Incorporation of theme, Uniqueness

Registrations Closed

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