In Your Head (Doodling Competition)

ABSTRACT:  Back in boring classes, the best part was doodling somebody’s face or just writing practically anything. To bring the excitement to the lock down boredom, Sanjhi presents a doodling contest to help express whatever resides in your brain!


  • Themes:
    • Lockdown times
    • Post Apocalypse
    • Mental Health
    • After COVID19
    • The Reason I Smile

Starting date of submission –27th April 2020

Last date of submission – 30th April 2020

Declaration date of result – 6th May 2020


  1. Only one entry per participant shall be acceptable, with a small signature of the participant on the bottom,Right side.
  2. The doodle must be inspired from the theme and participants may choose any size of paper.
  3. Use of colors is allowed.
  4. Non ornamental doodles are also allowed but may fulfill the criterion of ‘DOODLE ART’.


  • Creativity, Ability to express theme, content

What is considered a doodle art?

A filled page that, on near scrutiny gives a peek inside the artist’s mind and fills up the page completely.

Registrations Closed

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