Panorama (Digital Art Contest)

“Computers have allowed the creation of entirely new images that were very difficult to achieve once.”

ABSTRACT:Digiworld does everything. Even art! Some make something out of cutting and pasting, while the others draw their own and yet these art works are as beautiful as the traditional ones, though, slightly underappreciated. To appreciate them, Sanjhi brings forward a digital art contest!

EVENT DETAIL: Anything is allowed as long as it is creative, composite and sticks to the themes and uses the inspiration pictures allotted by the organizers.

Starting date of submission – 27th April 2020

Last date of submission – 30th April2020

Declaration date of result – 6th May 2020


  1. Only one entry per participant shall be acceptable, with a small watermark of the participant.
  2. The entry must contain a part of or the whole picture (s) as given by the organizers. (Link will be provided here on 27th April 2020)
  3. Resources used in the art work will also have to be mailed along with the artwork.
  4. Plagiarized entries will be disqualified.
  5. Any digital art software can be used. Phone apps editing is also acceptable.
  6. Any sort of art works are acceptable: Posters, photo manipulations, psychedelic art, cover art etc. 
  7. Participants shall be given 4 days as soon as the themes are released within which they will have to submit their art works to the given mail ID.


Creativity, Composition, Colours, Content

Registrations Closed

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